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Ask Aichi

Eee-err um, ah! Welcom..e... I'll try my best to answer as many of your questions as I can.
Mar 5 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey Aichi does Kai really suit using Royal paladin in season 4 because that's out of his character O_O

Yes he does. And Kai originally started out with Royal Paladins…

I don’t know why he changed to Kagero, but I do know that for both of us, Blaster Blade is our Avatar. So it’s not that strange.

Besides, I am kinda excited about it. It was really fun to share Royal Paladin tips with Kourin, and I used to get tips from Kai. And while Kai did play me while running my deck, I really want to play against a true Kai Royal Paladin deck.

I am actually really looking forward to that!

Mar 5 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey Aichi it's me Max, who is the original user of the Royal paladin between you Kai and Ren?

Kai was? At the least, from what I understand the Blaster Blade card he gave me was part of his deck-build.

Ren never ran Royal Paladin, he told me it… “Cramped his style?”

Mar 2 '14

Heh, I’m so happy right now. I hope I get to keep feeling like this for a long time!

Everyone, thanks for your support! Without that, I wouldn’t be able to give support to others!

Mar 2 '14

alifmukmin asked:

aichi,what clan will you use on season 4?

That’s a secret, I’m afraid.

Feb 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any other goals in the future? Other than card-fight related stuffs? ((also you are the most IC Aichi I have seen so far! I hope Mun-san gets showered with lots of hugs and kisses <3))

Goals in the future? Well there’s plenty of Vanguard things, but outside that…

I guess I would like to travel the world? The Asia circuit was really fun.

And I want to remain good friends with my existing ones, while making new ones.

And, I guess I want to reach out to kids who are like I used to be.

But, it’s all still pretty far away, so nothing tangible yet.

[[Mun is blushing to death :3. I was a little afraid I wasn’t as good as the previous mod. Thank you very much~~]]

Feb 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

What deck do you think kai will use against you? Also, good luck in your fight with kai. It will be hard for you to win though because he also has a really strong intent and drive to win.

Kagero.And I wouldn’t have it any other way, anon.

Feb 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Aichi, did you feel scared when after you beat takuto, kai walked up to you and looked down on you with a fiersome cold glare with his emerald eyes? What was going on in your mind?

I know I should feel scared but… Actually I feel reassured. And I feel a little excited.

No matter what has happened, I guess I can’t feel uncomfortable around Kai.

… Or I am just so terrified I looped back into serenity.

Feb 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Aichi how do you plan on saving Kai from the darkness if you already failed and lost to him once. I mean, he got even stronger so if you couldn't beat him before how will you beat him now?

Each Vanguard game is different, Kai and me once played a few games in a row and despite having the same decks we both had wins an loses.

Besides, now that I know everyone’s alright, I can give my fight with Kai all my attention, and before I was a little conflicted.

I know I won’t make it if I lose now, and I am also not sure what Kai means to do after this if I’m the last fighter he has to defeat. So I guess I better enjoy it.

Feb 15 '14

Anonymous asked:

ne, ne Aichi the next episode draw out the new Alfred the new alfred is effective against link joker while mine Tempest Bolt Dragon is useless against it T-T

I know anon, but I don’t decide that kind of stuff.

Feb 15 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is it True you have a CRUSH on Kourin?? >o<

Why would I crush Kourin?

Feb 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

AAAIIIIIICHHHHIIIII!!!! I "drew" your attention didnt I? Anyways, happy valentines day and anywayysssssss .... Are you celebrating solo or... (Hint Misaki or Kourin) ... Yea I'm like that, dem questions {Loyal Paladin}

Ah, well, I’m kinda with Takuto right now… I mean, I’m not actually dating Takuto. Though Ren is right, the view up here is quite nice.

But I’m actually really really buzy with saving the world right now. Kourin and Misaki are currently with each other.

Because Kourin was knocked out of course, I imagine Misaki is holding her right now. That reversing really hurts, you know.

Anyway, I hope to get through Takuto’s defence. And then perhaps I can get through to Kai. I’m sure if I put my heart into it I can connect to Kai’s, like we did back when we met again.

Also, did I meantion the view here is pretty? It’s really pretty?

Feb 9 '14

Anonymous asked:

Does ren or kai touch you?

Uhm? Yes? I think Ren and I shook hands once?

Oh and Kai hit me just a bit ago!

No wait, that’s not a good example.

Feb 9 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey aichi can you answer my question please Um when kai pushed you when you ran to him How did you feel? If you feel sad I will Hug you or help anytime

I felt a little sad, but… I want to say this is because Kai is reversed, but I know he can be a little preoccupied. We always manage to sort things out, so I’m not too worried. There’s bigger fish to fry right now.

Feb 9 '14

Anonymous asked:

What hobbies did you have before you started playing Vanguard? I've always wondered about that...

Didn’t have any. I mean, I read a lot and I watched TV, but ever since Kai gave me Blaster Blade, I have been building my deck.

Mom tried to get me into clubs but I never had any connection with the other kids…

Feb 9 '14

portgirl-w- asked:

Aichi do you know that you are very cute~? -'W'-

That’s very nice of you! Thank you.